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Posted by on Feb 16, 2010

Pandemonium in the Halls of Congress

Pandemonium in the Halls of Congress

Pandemonium in the Halls of Congress…All hands on deck…the rats are deserting a sinking ship…or so it seems.  The growing list of  ”resignations”  from the House of Representatives and the Senate truly gives us pause to wonder.  If you noticed, they are all, for the most part, experienced politicians.  All, more or less, claiming the same story…family obligations overtaking their public duties.  What we are hearing, most likely, are half truths.  Some may be tired of the congressional gridlock, self-serving culture currently permeating through the halls of Congress.  Others may see the handwriting on the wall.  And, still others are getting out before something is revealed. 

Whatever it is shaking the timbers of the Capitol Building in Washington, it just reinforces how important it is for us, as citizens, to understand the complexity of our democratic process in terms of seeking and sharing information.  When it comes to getting accurate information, two worlds exist in Washington – one for us, the general public, and one for the political process, those who govern.  And until the American public understands that these two worlds truly co-exist, we will continually waste time berating a reality that is as concrete as the U.S. Constitution.  We have to make more of a concerted effort to understand the ying and yang of that bi-polar universe. We don’t have to like it, but it is what it is.  And we have to become more information literate in order to differentiate between truths, half-truths, and down right lies if we are to continue facilitating a democratic process i.e. government of, by, and for the people.

No, the governmental process is not an easy situation to understand and/or manage.  However, what choice do we have…an oligarchy, a dictatorship, communism, facism or the power elite.  Some would argue that we do have government by the power elite.  And on occasion, it appears to be that way.  However, the election of President Barack Obama clearly demonstrated the power of one vote….that of the majority of the American people who went to the polls to caste their individual ballots.

Oh, as individuals, we may not have the bank accounts of Wall Street, nor the connections and influence of the privileged class, but we do have the power of the ballot box.  A democratic government is not a top down entity, contrary to how our leadership has a tendency to operate.  The grassroots process, formal and informal, has tremendous influence in this country and always will.  The Tea Party movement is a perfect example, like them or not.  The grassroots process is in our national DNA …just check out your history books.

So while Washington is reeling from its “defections”, let us keep our eye on the ball  and do our part to ensure that those elected to replace them, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent,  have a passion for the public trust and the American people, as well as our best interest at heart.

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